October 6, 2016

Pakistani hackers force Indian pilots to listen Pakistani patriotic songs

Dil Dil Pakistan being played on Indian aircraft

After the cross-border firing between the Pakistan and India, which caused many casualties to both sides, now hackers are all ready to fight a cyber war. Both nuclear powers have got world class hackers who have fought many cyber wars back in the time.

Times Of India reported on Tuesday that when aircraft are on final approach for landing, hackers from across the border often tap into the frequency on which pilots are in touch with the Jammu air traffic control (ATC).

Hackers from Pakistan, use to transmit Pakistani patriotic songs on the frequency which play out in cockpits. Pilots communication with the ATC remains blocked during that time.

This ATC is run by Indian Air Force, which coordinates with the aircraft when they are over 10,000 feet high.

To make pilots be able to communicate with the Jammu ATC, the Northern Control Udhampur gets an alternate frequency from the Jammu ATC via landline.

The new alternate frequency can't be hacked quickly, so pilots get enough time to land into Jammu while being in touch with the ATC.

"Hackers frequently jam our frequency with ATC and start playing their music. This is a big irritant as we are in the final stage of landing." said a pilot.

The Jammu ATC frequency changes frequently to survive against the hacking.

A pilot told Times Of India that this hacking has been happening for some time, the songs are being played forcefully include Dil Dil Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the guys behind this hack are not revealed yet.

Picture credits: indiatimes.com
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