September 6, 2016

Disable Windows 10's Built-In Keylogger

disable windows 10 keylogger

Microsoft can get to know every single word you type or say to (its digital assistant) Cortana while using Windows 10. This thing is called keylogging. Keylogging is usually done by a software called Keylogger.

A keylogger may be a software or a hardware device used for surveillance so it can record every keystroke you make. It can capture everything you type including your sensitive information like your credit card numbers and all other passwords. The log file can then be sent to a specific receiver.

Why do Windows 10 collect such information?

Microsoft collects users typing and speaking habits to improve its digital assistant Cortana so users can experience more accurate suggestions and have a personalised environment.

Should I disable Windows 10's keylogger?

In this era when everything sensitive or not, have gone digital so users privacy matters a lot. Windows 10's keylogger helps Cortana to assist you better. Turning this keylogger off means disabling Cortana to provide you with a personalised experience. But if you care about your privacy and don't want Microsoft to access your sensitive information, disable it now.

How to disable Windows 10's built-in keylogger?

1. Go to Start Menu and open Settings.
2. Open the Privacy tab.

Disable Windows 10 keylogger in privacy settings

3. In "General" privacy settings, turn off the third option which wants your permission to send your information.

Turn off windows 10 built-in keylogger

4. Now open the "Speech, inking & typing" options. Click on "Stop getting to know me" and turn it off.

Stop microsoft windows 10 getting know your personal information

You are all done. Have questions? ask in the comments box below.
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