July 21, 2016

Backup Windows 10 On USB Flash Drive

USB Recovery Drive for Windows 10

As you know that nowadays Windows backup disk is not being provided by PC manufacturers. There may be a dedicated recovery partition on your hard drive for recovering Windows operating system if something bad happens. But that thing may not help you if your whole drive gets corrupted.

First Thing To Do After Buying New PC:

When you buy a new PC which comes with preinstalled genuine Windows, the first thing you should do is to create a recovery drive of that Windows operating system because no one knows that when will you be facing the problems. You can create that backup on a disk or on a USB drive. I will recommend you to create a USB recovery drive.


* USB flash should be of 8 GB because it will need around 3 to 6 GB of free space.
* This will erase everything else which is stored on your USB automatically so it is recommended to use an empty flash drive or backup your important data first.

How To Create A USB Recovery Drive?

1. Connect your flash drive.
2. Search "recovery drive" in the search bar located on the task bar.
3. Click on 'Create a recovery drive' from the search result.

Search Recovery Drive Tool

4. Check the box asking "Back up system files to recovery drive" and click next.
Backup system files to recovery drive

5. Select a drive to continue back up.
6. It will take several hours to complete the operation so be patient.

Backing Up Windows 10

7. The system will notify you once it is all done. Now you will be able to recover Windows 10 using this drive.
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